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About the Bottles

The bottles are actually the main reason I decided to start this site.  The random lists of science was an idea I came up with later.  I’ve been collecting antique medicine bottles for a few years now, and I am very interested in learning more about their history and use.   So I decided to start a blog about the bottles in hopes of sharing and learning from others with similar interests.  Given the popularity of some of the antique shows on television, I am pretty sure there are others out there!  While searching for information, I found this website for the Society of Historical Archaeology. It gives a walk-through on how to date bottles, and it provided me with a helpful starting point.  I am definitely open to hearing insight from readers as well!

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About the Science

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The biology nerd in me has been looking for a fun way to start a blog about science, and since “top ten lists” seem to be a popular thing right now, I decided to give that a try.  Most of my posts will be about microbiology, animals, medicine, diseases or some combo of those since they are my favorite topics.  I hope to be entertaining, but also educational! 


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